Upcoming Football Schedule on Footybite

Football season in 2022 is special to say the least. Once started in August, we will have absolutel non-stop top quality football games till May next year in 2023. FIFA World Cup 2022 is also schedule to take place in November-December 2022 while other big club competitions like UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Club WC and all Europen leagues are set to take place with matches coming thick and fast.

So here is a small guide on how you can watch football matches live online via footybite.to.

Watch Football with Footybite live streaming links ?

Unlike other streaming sites where they have one stream for each event we have developed a system where you can find not 1, not 2 but 100 working links for big soccer matches. So instead of putting a streaming player ourselves we decided to get other streamers on board and have them post their links in each of the matches played. That ensure a visitor to our site get access to best links on a single page and instead of scrambling around google search for working links you have yourself all the best streamer links for football right on one page.

Do i Need VPN To Watch Live Streams at FOOTBITE ?

No. As we dont host or produce any streams our sites are usually just text and links to external sites. It is as safe as you can get. Since footybite is active and not restricted in any of the countries you dont need to mask your IP address either. However we do recommend you use VPN as external sites have good streams but dodgy ads.